Trucking Services

Organizing large scale projects may become the area where PTIT can best display its diverse integrated capabilities. PTIT with its various resources and expertise has what is needed to transport your cargo safely and timely. In organizing large scale transportation projects, PTIT initially draws on its extensive information sources and routes to assess safety, cost and promptness. PTIT then brings together qualified professionals to carry out the project to its completion. Growing trends for large scale projects, PTIT will continue to respond to such demands by creatively combining its trucks, specialized trailers and expertise to deliver and complete the transportation project safely, timely and to the satisfaction of its customers.


The Cargo Industry is still an expanding market. The need for a comprehensive logistics systems in transportation, communications and information sector, continues to grow. Freight forwarding services alone are no longer sufficient, special deals are to be initiated on regular intervals to lure the customers to maintain them on permanent status, especially to cater to the increasing needs of seasonal vendors. This is with the object to provide most economical, smooth, reliable and speedy carriage of shipments to various destinations on selected mode of transport which must not only ensure hassle-free service but should render sizable savings in the freight expenses. This vital information of costing must arrive to the shipper well in advance to make proper planning in co-ordination with logistic company. This is essential in order to ascertain reliable and timely transportation scheduling and delivery throughout the logistic-chain, from the shipper to the consignee. The cargo market demands a global solution and network linking all four modes of transportation i.e. Air, Road, Rail & Sea. Multimodal Transport can be viewed as "the chain that interconnects different links or modes of transport -air, sea, and land into one complete process that ensures an efficient and cost-effective door-to-door movement of goods under the responsibility of a single transport operator.A worldwide network linking airlines, roadways, railways and shipping lines in one chain with a motive of better quality of service to customers with the most economical costing and dependable schedule is the motive of PTIT. PTIT has branches and long-lasting relations all over the world. This gives possibility to make multimodal transportations promptly, that ultimately influences positively the quality of work to be done as well as the expenses of the customer.